Creating a Successful Marketing Plan for Your Canned Cocktail Brand

Read Time: 4 min.

If you’ve decided you want to make your own liquor label and are interested in the canned cocktail market, you’re off to a great start. Ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails are becoming more and more popular, with ease and convenience as the top priorities for today’s consumer.

Here we’ve rounded up some expert advice for creating a smart marketing plan for your RTD product.


Identify Your Target Market

A smart first exercise is to write a marketing plan that’s inclusive of your brand’s consumer profile. This should be an in-depth description of your target market, the people most likely to purchase your drink. Include their demographic information, their interests, their concerns, and details about their lifestyle. Create a customer persona and remember that the more specific you can get, the easier it will be to create a marketing plan tailored to them.

Next, list ways to reach this target market through advertising and marketing. Which social media platforms are they utilizing the most? Which events are they attending? What restaurants do they dine in? What are they reading or watching? Find ways to use many channels to reach these consumers and remember that repetition is the key to retention, so ideally you’ll reach the same audiences through multiple mediums.


When it comes to creating a premium spirit that sells, it might surprise you to find out that it’s far less about the flavors or ingredients than you may think. In order to build a profitable beverage brand, it’s crucial that the product is marketed as a lifestyle drink.

Focus on Something Other Than the Drink

What’s so great about RTD products? Their convenience, of course. From camping trips to beach days to après ski treats, canned cocktails are increasingly the beverage of choice for active consumers. Many of today’s customers would rather reach for a canned cocktail than go through the trouble of mixing a drink on their own.

Use this to your advantage in your marketing strategy! Focus on the lifestyle that RTD products support. Incorporate lifestyle themes like gatherings with friends, holidays, and other events. Picture all the places and activities that a canned cocktail could enhance. When you create a lifestyle, the brand sells itself.


Emphasize Your Brand’s Transparency

As you make your liquor label, focus on transparency in all you do. From publishing your ingredient list to being honest about your operations, transparency goes a long way with the 21st century consumer.

This audience has information accessible at their fingertips. Remember that they’ll be searching online for information about your brand anyway. It’s better to be clear about your product’s formula so they can be confident about what they’re drinking and about supporting an honest company.


Use Influencers and Collaborations

As you create a social media marketing strategy, feature your brand’s lifestyle consistently. Gain further visibility and credibility by collaborating with other brands — especially non-alcohol, lifestyle brands — and partnering with influencers. This will boost your engagement and result in concrete testimonials of how people engage with your product.

Also, allow your audiences to contribute to your content. User-generated content is voluntarily produced by customers. Invite this type of engagement through encouraging users’ social media posts, review writing, and photos.


Contact Aceves Spirits

As you consider how best to make your own liquor label, don’t rely on novices to help you. Reach out to the experts at Aceves Spirits to help guide your product development as well as your sales and marketing strategies. Interested? We want to hear more about your product! Let us know your vision for your canned cocktail.