How To Visit Jalisco, the Capital of Tequila

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Whether you’re a casual tequila drinker or serious investor considering starting your own tequila brand, you probably already know that Mexico is the mecca for agave-based spirits. And if you’re particularly savvy about tequila culture, you may also know that Los Altos de Jalisco hosts the biggest and most successful brands in the industry.

With its rich soil full of nutrients, ideal climate for year-round growth, and vast heritage of Mexican tequila growers, Jalisco boasts all the perfect conditions for agave harvesting and tequila production. If you haven’t seen this stunning spot for yourself yet, here’s why and how you should come for a visit.

Getting to Jalisco

Guadalajara is the biggest city in Jalisco and the second biggest city in México. We have a well-equipped international airport, Guadalajara International Airport, with a wide variety of routes and airline options. We recommend visitors stay in Guadalajara at either the Hyatt Zapopan, the Hard Rock Guadalajara, the NH Collection Guadalajara, or the Hilton Guadalajara.

Less than one hour away is Tepatitlán, where Aceves Spirits is located. This city is a safe, cosmopolitan gem with a modern lifestyle and an international vision. In case meetings run long, we sometimes advise our guests to look for a hotel in Tepatitlán rather than Guadalajara. Safe and available options include the Grand Hotel Tepatitlán and the Estancia Real Tepatitlán.

Lifestyle Options in the Area

Guadalajara is packed with places to go and delicious cuisines to enjoy. This famous Mexican city is buzzing with fine dining and a lively nightlife so you’ll never be bored while visiting!

A trendy choice for modern Mexican fare, La Tequila Cocina de México is a local favorite and tops our list of recommendations. Bruna, a restaurant that is great for mixology, is a great option for unique craft cocktails with dinner. Looking for a cute bakery breakfast with Instagrammable views? Try Boulangerie Central for their homemade bread.

As far as breakfast goes, you’ll want to try the best coffee in Jalisco at Pal Real. And you can enjoy a traditional breakfast at Los Chilaquiles. In Tlaquepaque, a town next to Guadalajara, you can find a sensational authentic Mexican restaurant called Casa Luna.

Now if you’re opting to stay in Tepatitlán, you may want to try one of the top rated Mexican restaurants, Carnes En Su Jugo La Casita, or La Casita as the locals call it. Is seafood more your style? Pop into El Ancladero for great service and delicious fish of all varieties. And you won’t be disappointed with a night of margaritas at Bistro 77, a stylish bar with plenty of cocktail choices — including tequilas and mezcals, of course — and lots of beers on tap

Why Invest In A Tequila Business Right Now?

If investing in a tequila business is on your radar, you could not have picked a better time to do it. Ultra-premium tequila is currently enjoying surge in popularity, fueled by emerging celebrity brands, high-value acquisitions, smart marketing campaigns, and massive growth potential.

Why Tequila Brands Choose Jalisco

Many generations ago, natives secretly produced tequila in the Los Altos mountains during the reign of King Charles III when tequila production was forbidden. The terroir is different in these hills, providing a unique blend of environmental factors that result in top-notch agave. Read more in our blog on tequila terroir and production and which elements make for a high quality tequila.

Not only can you see the acres of agave farms as you drive through the region, but you will also get an appreciation for the commercial side of tequila development. Interacting with distillers firsthand gives you an advantage as you enter the market, since you’ll be more fully equipped with knowledge of tequila’s culture. A visit also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about the growth and harvesting process.


Visit Aceves Spirits in Jalisco

If you’re considering starting your own tequila brand, it’s important that you’re well-versed in the culture and heritage of this spirit. It’s not enough to see your beverage developer’s fields and facilities on a screen; you must visit in-person to fully appreciate the people and the process behind the product. This is an important part of building trust in the professional relationship with your growers as well.

We strongly encourage our clients to visit us before or during our partnership with them. We find that when they live the experience in person, they can better envision their end product and materialize the story behind their brand. We are happy to advise our partner brands on logistics for getting here, including more lodging, dining, and transportation options. Reach out today for more information and come bask in the Mexican sun as you sample the world’s finest tequilas in our showroom.