Want to Create Your Own Tequila Brand? Learn From These Luxury Brands

Read Time: 5 min.

No matter how beautiful a website is, how much money a company spends on its branding, the product must match the marketing for long-term success. This is even more true with today’s tequila brands. The consumer doesn’t know the tequila quality until they try it themselves.  

We’ve researched the best tequilas for outstanding marketing that matches their luxury branding.  

Marketing tequila brands takes finesse and style, especially with premium tequilas. The tequila industry is exploding. The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States reported that “tequila and mezcal sales rose to $4.0 billion in the U.S. in 2020.” 

One of our favorite brands, Roca Patrón, raised the bar with higher standards. Roca Patrón is focusing on brand awareness and maintaining its stellar reputation. They show the customer how to create cocktails, “taste the complexity,” and share their history (creating brand awareness).  

Continuing with a storytelling style, Casa Dragones focuses on a luxurious lifestyle with their product and brand. You’re invited to explore the company’s history and become a part of that history. Providing tequila cocktail recipes and offering tastings, Casa Dragones draws the consumer in.  

Like Casa Dragone’s storytelling style, Tequila Fortaleza shares its 5-generation story to create a deep connection with tequila drinkers. In addition, they offer more for bartenders by even featuring them in the “Bartenders Spotlight.” 

Tying storytelling with celebrity endorsement Casamigos paints a picture of values and lifestyle. Casamigos shows their commitment to quality by clearly saying they wanted to create a tequila “that didn’t have to be covered up with salt or lime.” 

All of these brands paint vivid pictures for their customers. It’s easy for customers to see themselves sipping these luxurious, premium tequila. Each brand shows who they are; it’s not just another tequila. Celinne Da Costa wrote in her Forbes article, “businesses can no longer afford to be faceless entities” and need to know “how to make your brand more human.” 

With the tequila industry moving away from the big party reputation, showcasing the human side of a premium tequila brand is crucial. Today’s tequila drinker wants smooth flavors from high quality, premium, sipping tequila. So these brands are matching their luxurious products with high-quality promotions. Rolling Stone recently reported, “some of the best tequilas in the world are actually more comparable to a fine bourbon or robust glass of wine than jello shots and beer pong.” 

Creating your own tequila private brand is easier than you might think. There are a lot of moving pieces to creating your own tequila. Agave is a complex plant, which has to grow for 6 years, causing the price to fluctuate due to demand. It’s a designation of origin product, which requires specific legal processes. Finding quality suppliers is crucial. You don’t have to struggle through it. Aceves Spirits, built on three generations of success, is an integrated beverage developer. We’ve created several successful brands. We know what it takes to make your private brand tequila a hit too. Let’s start the conversation to create your luxury tequila brand.