The Ultimate Checklist to Create Your Tequila Brand

Are you inspired by the opportunity to create your own tequila brand?  

Perhaps you’ve already done your research and you’re ready to develop your own brand. Maybe you’re already scouting for the best tequila distilleries.  

The following checklist is shared by maestros tequileros to help you get started in the tequila industry. 

Introduction to Tequila

An Introduction to Tequila

The first step to launching your own tequila private label is to understand the essence of the spirit.  

The distilled lifestyle beverage is made from blue agave which is primarily found in the area surrounding the city of Tequila, Mexico. There are five Mexican states that are legally allowed to produce the smooth, golden liquid.  

Jalisco is the main state and boasts both the highlands and the lowlands. Other regions include parts of Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, Michoacán, and Nayarit.  

The bulb of the large succulent plant is baked and juiced before being fermented with yeast in barrels.  

Regulations of Making Tequila

The art of distilling your own tequila is limited to those who follow the regulations. Each of the tequila private brands that you know (and love) has adhered to the regulations set by the Mexican government.  

Here’s what you need to know about distilling tequila in a nutshell; 

  • Tequila is a designation of origin drink that belongs to Mexico. The Mexican government determines certain regulations that need to be followed before naming the spirit “tequila” 
  • These regulations are authenticated by the Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) 
  • Regulated tequila bottles will carry a NOM number (Norma Oficial Mexicana) that identifies the authorized distillery 
  • Tequila 100% Agave must only be made from sugars extracted from the Blue Agave Tequilana Weber plant 
  • Anything less than 100% is labeled as mixto 
  • Tequila mixto must be made from a minimum of 51% blue agave (the remainder can be the contents of a natural spirit or can sugar juice) 
  • Tequila needs to be made from 100% natural ingredients and contain a minimum of 38% alcohol 
  • The ABV (alcohol by volume) regulation stipulates that tequila should be bottled at between 35 – 55% 

Agave drinks that are made outside of the previously mentioned tequila regions are not allowed to be called tequila. They may, however, be another agave-based product. 

The Steps to Distribution

If you’re passionate about tequila and want to pursue the distillation process, then it’s best to have professional maestros tequileros and an experienced production team at your side.  

Armed with the knowledge of professionals, you’ll need to follow the final steps of creating your own tequila brand. 

  • Understand your consumer and the circumstances that they enjoy tequila 
  • Research retail prices, the cost of materials and draft a budget 
  • Draft a business plan and marketing strategy 
  • Book a meeting with trusted distributors and build a distribution plan 
  • Go above and beyond to indulge in Mexican culture and better appreciate tequila 
  • Visit suppliers and draft a linking agreement to authorize the distillation process 
  • Build an experienced team to help develop your brand, select suppliers and manage materials 

At Aceves Spirits, we’re dedicated to designing smooth flavors for international drinkers that appreciate spirits by sipping them. If you need help to establish your tequila brand, then we have the resources to assist.  

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