The Importance of Marketing Your Tequila Business To Succeed

Most people think that alcohol is a fail-proof product, but they’re wrong. You can learn how to start a tequila brand simply enough, but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically stand out among tequila premium brands.

What really sets apart premium tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, from a competitor? What makes authentic Mexican tequila a commodity, and everything else an afterthought?


Good marketing is more than just knowing how to dress up your product and show it to people online. Authentic marketing, especially in the tequila industry, is all about creating an experience and making a connection.

Being a brand founder is incredible, and you already have a lot to be proud of. But if you’ve gotten into the tequila business and find yourself asking, “What next?”, this guide is for you.

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How to Market Tequila Effectively

Tequila suppliers have a unique challenge on their hands. They’re breaking into a market with such established expectations that it’s all-too easy to fall short. What happens if your tequila design doesn’t speak to consumers? They pass you right up for another brand, even if your alcohol itself is fantastic.

This is because sales aren’t just about the final product. They’re all about how you market your brand, and the experience you both provide and promise to your consumers.

Know Your Market

“Anyone who drinks tequila” isn’t a good audience. The alcohol industry is diverse, and it caters to everyone from 30-something moms to senior citizens who like to unwind with an Old Fashioned. Likewise, tequila is more than just a party goer’s favorite booze. It can appeal to everyone from 20-something college students to professional bartenders and hobbyist mixologists who search online on how to make your own tequila.

First things first, you need to narrow down your audience to a specific group or groups of people. Aim for no greater than three. This allows you to fine-tune your approach and craft content that’s more relatable.

Your audience will ultimately influence everything else about your brand, all the way down to your tequila label. Think about it: The packaging for a product marketed to college students would vastly differ from one aimed for 60-somethings living retirement to the fullest.

Hone in on What Matters

What level of experience and knowledge do your consumers have?

Some may not know a thing about tequila other than that it’s what goes in margaritas. On the other hand, there are many consumers that are alcohol connoisseurs. They can easily judge a tequila based on its aroma, flavor, and agave percentage.

After lockdown, many people took up an interest in craft cocktails. It’s become a major industry with a lot of room for marketers to innovate, educate, and entertain. Where does your current content stand among the three?

Tequila is Mexico’s national spirit, and it has a long history, strong cultural affiliations, and many applications. For most people who drink responsibility, it’s not all about partying. Sharing drinks is about making connections. For others, tequila is a part of their larger passion for mixology, which allows them to learn new things and express themselves creatively.

Focus on your audience’s unique relationship with your product, then make content that speaks directly to their causes.

Play Up Your Uniqueness

Brands may be selling the same product in the tequila industry, but they’re all different for their own reasons. You need to identify yours if you want to stand out among the crowd. Perhaps you have a rich heritage, and tequila is a celebration of Mexico’s culture and traditions.

You may, instead, be passionate about producing the highest quality tequila, and go above and beyond to perfect your distillation method.

Whatever your unique edge is, make it the center of your marketing. This is how you stand out and avoid becoming another nameless bottle on a shelf.

The Importance of Market Research

Some small brands think that market research doesn’t matter to them, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Research benefits every business, even ones that haven’t officially launched yet.

By researching your market and audience, you gain a clear image of what people are currently looking for. You get to discover what’s working as well as what’s not, so you know what to avoid in your own marketing efforts.

You also get to learn from successful businesses that are already thriving in the tequila industry. Rather than see them as direct competition, seek what you can learn from their product placement and content strategy.

Learn What Your Customers Want So They Never Have to Ask

A good marketing strategy seems to provide solutions to things you didn’t even think to look for. Well-marketed brands know their audiences’ so well that they can anticipate needs and desires, sometimes before their audience even experiences them themselves.

Being able to understand customers’ needs helps you provide value at every marketing touchpoint. This means moving from the middle to the bottom of the sales funnel for the greatest conversion level.

The sales funnel, by the way, is a systematic process that people take to become customers. It starts at the top, which is the broadest level of marketing. Here, brands focus on building awareness and establishing a connection.

By the middle of the funnel, however, people are already certain they’re in the market for something, and they’re actively exploring options. This is the sweet spot for brands breaking into the tequila industry. You won’t have to cater to everyone — just the people who are actively looking for exactly what you’re selling.

Consult With a Tequila Brand Developer

A full-service drink developer can transform your tequila brand. Rather than solely focus on distillation, we handle everything from branding to storytelling, marketing, and distribution.

Developers are an investment in your brand’s future. They guide you every step of the way, and they understand the bigger picture beyond just making a fantastic product.

Ready to learn more? Let’s talk about how we can help you find your tequila’s dream audience and start building a successful brand. Click here to contact us today.