Create Your Own Tequila Brand From Scratch and Sell To Big Spirits Groups

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We’re often asked about what qualities make the best tequila brands in the world and how these liquors are marketed and sold to big spirits groups. Read on for our expert-curated list of top tips to create your own tequila brand and get it in front of the buyers you want.

1. Be passionate about your brand.

To effectively position a brand for success, it needs to add a particular value to your customer’s life. To determine what this value will be takes a certain level of expertise. That’s why we suggest creating a product that you’re passionate to learn all about and immerse yourself in. Finding out what it is, why it’s unique, where it will come from, and what its heritage is will become a massive undertaking, so having passion to keep you going. You should enjoy sharing knowledge about your spirit and its production to empower others with information.

2. Define your tequila’s taste based on what your market drinks.

It’s critical to know intimately what your market is demanding, not only from their beverages but their lifestyles. Watch your target demographic’s behavior and interests, then create a product to fulfill their specific needs. This way, you won’t just be pushing a product but rather helping your market solve a problem.

3. Test your market's preferences.

Building features into your specific products and then testing them with your market is a smart business practice. You can figure out what works and what doesn’t even before launching your production order.

4. Invest in a high quality product portfolio.

Once you’ve come up with the features that your market is demanding, build some different product options. Focus on options that will increase your budget with higher demand, like tequila blanco or simple formula canned cocktails. Try something unique and representative too, like infused tequilas, mezcals, or unique formulas. Finally, add a product to level up your brand, like a luxury version of your spirits to build aspirational features and possibly even earn more significant margins.

5. Find the best production partner.

Rather than just looking at who can get the job done fast and cheap, try to choose a producer that can empower your tequila brand with specific industry knowledge. Remember that a lot is going on behind the scenes with your new product, so get to know the business inside and out. Build an authentic long-term working relationship with a team of people walking alongside you, and share the experience of the growth process together.

How To Create A Lifestyle Drink

When it comes to creating a premium spirit that sells, it might surprise you to find out that it’s far less about the flavors or ingredients than you may think. In order to build a profitable beverage brand, it’s crucial that the product is marketed as a lifestyle drink.

6. Focus on marketing, sales, and PR!

This is where your skills come in. If you’ve completed the first steps successfully, you now have the tools needed to build a brand that will satisfy many people’s taste buds as well as their lives. Crunch the numbers to develop your budgets, then come up with smart strategies to get the word out about your new tequila and grow your brand.

7. Innovate with creativity to bring a lifestyle to your market.

Find the people that your audience trusts, share your knowledge through them, and excite your market with experiences. Expand your expertise and make your tequila product available for your consumers to share the full lifestyle experience with the ones they care about.

8. Get awarded!

Show off what you’re good at through testimonials and awards. Garnering praise from expert testimonials will certify your product’s superior taste. And listing your awards is a surefire way to get your brand more visible and respected in the industry.

9. Make yourself crucial but not essential to the growth of the company.

Once you’ve given the brand its own personality, automate your selling processes. Get your spirit ready to satisfy significant consumer demands and continuously increase your production. Iterate on your existing products and processes for continued growth of the brand.

10. Distribute with the correct profit margin.

When developing the product, focus more on your brand and less on the product’s features. Come up with the most profitable and aesthetic version while keeping logistics costs in mind when choosing the bottle’s size. Build a practical and attractive distribution plan.

11. Increase demand with a long term sustainable strategy.

Finally, promote your tequila brand growth based on market behaviors and brand initiatives. Ensure you have a strategy expert on board to give your brand the wings it needs to soar, with increased profitability year over year.

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