How To Find And Learn More About Premium Tequilas From Jalisco?

Jalisco is home to many distilleries and maestros tequileros as the best state for producing Tequila. To find the best premium tequilas from Jalisco, it is important to understand the production process and its contribution to the spirit’s flavor profile. Understanding these factors will help find the perfect Tequila for your taste preferences.

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, which only grows in certain areas of Mexico. The best Tequila comes from Jalisco, where the climate is cooler and has more mineral-rich soil. Famous for their high-quality productions, these distilleries have made Tequila for generations.

In order to create a premium tequila, the blue agave plants must be harvested at a certain time of year. The harvest process is meticulous, and only specific plant parts are used for this type of Tequila. 

In terms of production, it’s important to look towards Jalisco distilleries that use traditional methods: stone ovens and copper pots. These methods are sometimes costly, but they produce the best Tequila. 

It’s also important to look for tequilas that are 100 percent agave. Many brands offer other options, including mixto (a blend of agave and other sugars), but these can significantly lower the quality of the spirit. 

Look for brands that take pride in their production process and offer an original flavor profile. Different things make Tequila taste different. For example, the soil makes it taste better, while the time of year also makes it taste different. Also, what they do to it when making it can make it taste different.

What Makes It The Best Tequila From Jalisco?

The best Tequila from Jalisco has to be 100 percent blue agave. It is a liquor made of several distillations of the same plant. The liquor is fermented with two different yeast strains. 

Three important factors affect the quality of Jalisco tequila: 

  • Its location (highlands and lowlands)
  • The agave quality and harvesting process (la jima)
  • The maturation of the tequila (time spent in wooden barrels) and
  • The way it’s distilled. 

The factors above contribute to the unique flavor of Jalisco-based Tequila, making it different from other states where Tequila is made.

The Production Process Of Tequila

Mexico has a law called the designation of origin for Tequila. This means that only blue agave grown in one of five designated Mexican states can be used to make Tequila. The state of Jalisco, where Tequila has its roots, has become the primary region. 

Tequila is now regulated by law. It has a standard guide to ensure the product stays the same every time. The production process begins with harvesting the blue agave plants after at least 4 to 6 years of growth. They are then cut down close to the ground, the “jima” process removes the leafs of the agave and just keep their hearts called “piñas”. 

The piñas are turned on their sides to be baked in an oven, which takes approximately 40-45 hours. This process is known as “Carbonization” or “Coking,” which removes water from the plant and concentrates the sugars in the core. 

The baked agave is then shredded and pressed to extract its juice, called “aguamiel” or “honey water.” This is the liquid that all Tequila is made from. It must be clear and not milky because the distillers will not accept a fermented product that contains impurities.

How To Find Premium Tequilas From Jalisco?

Aceves Spirits care deeply about the quality of their Tequila, as they know that this is where they can be successful or not. The best way to judge Tequila is by tasting it. Try to find small-batch tequilas made in limited quantities, although these tend to be more expensive than mass-produced brands.

Premium tequilas have a complex, well-thought-out flavor profile that can be enjoyed sipping neat or in cocktails. Mass-produced tequilas usually do not have this same complex flavor.

Tequila is one of Mexico’s best exports because many people enjoy it. Some people like to drink it the traditional way, and others like to try new recipes that combine Tequila with other ingredients to create unique experiences.

Thanks to their location, altitude, and terroir, Jalisco is the best state for tequilas, giving their agaves a unique flavor profile. Tequila is very important for Mexico. The manufacturing process needs to meet all requirements set out by D.O.

Get Premium Tequilas from Aceves Spirits

We at Aceves Spirits ensure that our clients get the best tequilas from Jalisco. We care about where our products come from and how they are produced, so we can give you the information you need to know upon purchase. The process behind manufacturing Tequila starts with choosing suppliers who can provide us with quality agave plants and every material to make your brand a high quality product. These suppliers work with us to ensure the final product comes out perfect every time.

The best way to understand Tequila is by tasting it. To try and learn more about premium brands, follow us on Casa Aceves Instagram and learn from our experienced maestros tequileros.