Why is Tequila Healthier Than Other Spirits?

You’ve heard about the benefits of red wine, but what about the health benefits of tequila? Tequila gets a bad name because many people have drunk cheap tequilas that are so processed and refined that they really shouldn’t call themselves tequilas. When you drink a high-quality tequila, you are exposing your body to an assortment of healthy ingredients that may providing an assortment of health benefits, including helping you control your weight as well and creating the ideal environment for healthy gut bacteria. Keep reading to learn about some of the health benefits tequila can offer.

Diet Friendly

One ounce of tequila only contains 64 calories, making it much lower in calories than a lot of popular spirits on the market. Because it’s made from agave, tequila also won’t lead to blood sugar spikes, which makes it perfect for those looking to have a drink without raising their blood sugar. Diabetics, those following a low-carb or paleo diet and those who just want to stay away from a sugar rush will find that tequila fits into their diet constraints well.


Agavins are the healthy sugars in tequila derived from agave, and they host an assortment of health benefits, including helping people lose weight. Agavins are what allow tequila to be a low-sugar alcohol that doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes. We won’t get too technical, but agavins are composed of a less refined molecular structure that allows them to go through the body unused. This means that your weight loss measures won’t be in vain, and you can openly enjoy tequila (in moderation) while avoiding any of the pitfalls of alcohol use that are commonly associated with a diet.

Helps with Digestion

In Mexico, it’s common to take a shot of tequila both before and after the meal to aid digestion. This is because many find that a shot of tequila can aid the digestion process by allowing food to biggest thoroughly while soothing the stomach. Of course, if you drink a lot of tequila before or after a meal, you may find the digestion process interrupted—so use it moderately when looking for ways to make the digestion process easier than ever.

Healthy Gut Bacteria

Probiotics are EVERYWHERE right now, but tequila is an excellent way to increase those healthy gut bacteria. Tequila supplies fructans (another healthy sugar) which gut bacteria love to feed on, making it the perfect choice for those looking to add a more natural probiotic to their eating routine. However, one of the most underestimated supplements people don’t take is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are a before meal supplement one takes to increase their gut health. Guess what! Those fructans are an excellent way to create a healthy intestinal environment that allow healthy gut bacteria to thrive in an optimized environment. However, just like with digestion, those who use tequila for a healthy gut need to make sure they drink it in small amounts. Too much tequila can lead to an environment that kills gut bacteria.

No Hangover

A lot of people have experienced the dreaded tequila hangover, with many swearing off the drink because of these experiences; however, the reason most people experience a hang over is due to the sugars in the alcohol. You’re probably wondering what we’re talking about being we just said tequila is a

low sugar alcohol. Most people who have a severe hangover from tequila actually drank a cheap tequila (better known as mixto). Cheap manufacturers will use a large number of sweeteners (usually agave derivatives) as a filler in their tequilas to make them palatable. When you drink a higher quality tequila, you’re not subjecting your body to these sweeteners, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a cleaner drinking experience that isn’t going to give you a major headache when the night ends.

Starve Off Health Conditions

While there are no official studies strictly on tequila, moderate amounts of alcohol can help starve off a variety of health conditions. One of the best examples of this is the connection between people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol each week and dementia. Studies have found that those who have 1-2 drinks per day may lower their chances of developing dementia up to 37%. However, like other items on this list, this doesn’t mean to drink as much as possible, with researchers finding those who drink more actually increase their chance of developing the disease.

The health benefits of tequila are one of the most under-discussed topics in the health industry, although they’re well known in the tequila industry. It’s our hope that more people will look at the benefits of tequila in the coming years, with the same intensity as those completed on red wine.

If you are considering creating your own tequila label, look to source the highest quality ingredients so your customers can experience the numerous health benefits tequila provides.

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