What To Expect When Buying Tequila in Bulk

Tequila is one of Mexico’s most famous and lucrative exports Tequila has single-handedly put the country on the alcoholic drinks map and given it a reputation for consistently producing high-quality liquor enjoyed by billions around the world.

The classic drink is made by fermenting and then distilling the juice from Agave tequilana weber variedad azul or “blue agave”, a plant native to Mexico. Varieties other than the blue agave give rise to mezcal, and improper handling of the blue agave during processing and packaging affect the flavor and quality of the drink.

Due to this high standard, the national treasure is heavily regulated. The production is limited to the 5 states of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas and is regulated by the Mexican Official Standard NOM-006-SCFI-2012. Export rules are also closely observed to make sure that only the best tequila gets sent off into the world.

So, what do you need when buying tequila in bulk and importing it into the US? How are tequila imports different from other kinds of imports?

Authentic Mexican Tequila Brands

What Are The Categories of Tequila?

The first thing we will need to understand is what kinds of tequila are there and how this diversity affects exportation.

There are two major categories of tequila:

Pure Tequila or 100% Agave

The most distinctive aspect of the production of pure tequila is that the drink is not enriched with sugars during the fermentation process. Pure tequila is also only bottled in an authorized plant, by an authorized producer, and within a territory specified by the Declaration. Therefore, it is not a tequila that can be sold or imported in bulk.

Tequila Mixed

Tequila mixed is enriched with sugars during the fermentation process, but only in proportion of not more than 49%. The rules around the production of Tequila Mixed are more relaxed compared to the production of pure tequila. It can be produced by other manufacturers other than those authorized by the Declaration, but the bottler must comply with the regulations of the Mexican Official Standard for Tequila.

Under this category, we have the following classes of mixed tequila to look forward to:

What is the Process of Shipping Tequila Abroad?

Before you begin shipping the tequila, you need to be an approved bottler regulated by the Consejo Regulador del Tequila, or CRT. Outside of Mexico, the body works to ensure the quality of tequila wherever it is being produced all around the world in legally recognized plants.

Also, there are several reasons why an individual would want to buy tequila in bulk straight from Mexico. It could be for personal use or obtained from a white label tequila brand for use in your tequila distillery. Here are the requirements you will need to fulfill before buying tequila in bulk:

Consejo Regulador del Tequila Compliance The tequila regulatory body has a set of rules that outline all the requirements you need to fulfill to get certification from them for distribution and mixing.

Approval by US Regulating Agencies The US also has a set of agencies that need to approve you as a safe and legal food and beverages importer.

What is the Legal Way of Branding Your Tequila for Resale?

If you are primarily importing tequila in bulk for resale, not personal use, then there are perfectly legal ways you can customize your brand.

The first option is registering as a white label brand distributing authentic Mexican tequila to private brands. This means that you provide a generic product to them, which they then brand and sell as a customized product of their own.

The second option is buying and selling tequila under a private label. This would mean having your registered tequila brand that sells tequila under your brand. If you would like to add your spin to the drink, you would need to register your tequila distillery and comply with CRT regulations.

Challenges of Buying Tequila in Bulk

Although getting tequila straight from the source is a great move for your business, there are several challenges you may encounter, and therefore need to be prepared for:

Fulfilling Loading and Transportation Requirements for Tequila

The flavor and overall quality of tequila are extremely sensitive. Any kind of contamination can ruin thousands of liters of tequila. Therefore, you need to be sure the substances previously passed through the pipes and iso tanks are thoroughly cleaned out, used only for tequila, or at

least, they hold substances that will not contaminate the product. Since tequila is for human consumption, it is also necessary to make sure that the pipes and tanks are clean.

Synchronizing Truckload Arrival and Mexican Railroad Schedules

For transportation, the tequila is first taken to the Mexican railroad in trucks. However, before loading the tequila, the truckloads need to be inspected and if they do not meet regulation standards, then the tequila will not leave the station. Such a situation would mean that you will have to miss your shipment, thus delaying your operations. To avoid this, make sure you get the truckloads to come early enough for inspection and to sort out any issues that may arise.

Fulfillment of Shipping Documents

In addition to all the necessary certifications, be mindful of fulfilling the CFDI invoice for legal customs clearance. This body charges heavy fines for non-compliance.

The Best Place to Get Tequila: The Source

Mexico is the birthplace of tequila, a drink that has become beloved the world over. You can easily ship it, for personal use or commercial endeavors. The most important thing is to make sure that your product is authentic, and captures the true, intended spirit of tequila.

The only way to guarantee optimum quality for your brand and your customers is to source 100% agave tequila bottled at origin.

And if you are looking for a private label, with guaranteed quality, the best option is to work directly with maestros tequileros who guarantee the quality of your product in every shipment you buy.

The maestro tequilero not only designs the profile of your tequila, but also controls the production and every variant that can alter its color, texture, flavor and, above all, its quality.

At Aceves Spirits, we help you solve this issue of quality and consistency for smooth profiles with premium quality. Guaranteeing finished product at origin, sealing the quality of your drink. This, in addition to authenticating your product, facilitates transportation and distribution in the country where it will be marketed.

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