Why Private Brands? The Case for Tequila, Mezcal, and Other Mexican Spirits

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The key to market domination is differentiation. You have to stand out from your competitors to ensure you capture their attention and imagination – and that’s true for just about every industry, but especially so for spirits.

The Terroir of Agave

Everybody knows tequila, and mezcal follows with a niche all its own. Considered to be “exotic” spirits, these spirits and others produced from agave represent tradition and origin. Much like wine, their quality is reflective of their terroir, a combination of climate, geomorphology, soil type, and human intervention.

The last element, human intervention, is very important, as it represents the values and priorities of the grower. For example, one grower might place a great emphasis on environmental diversity and conservation, while others around them might not be as stringent. Therefore, the differences in their product will be significantly different, adding a unique element to their terroir that might not be present in their neighbor’s, even though their properties and plantings otherwise share similar qualities.

Creating a Spirits Portfolio Beyond Tequila

If you are thinking about creating a private branded tequila, you might also think about what other agave products you can add to the portfolio to elevate your brand above the rest. That is not to say that your tequila won’t be spectacular in every way, but the competition in this space is quite fierce. By creating a portfolio of exotic agave spirits, you immediately expand your market share and gain the differentiation you need to rise to the top.

But Why Now?

Recent years have seen a massive boom in exotic spirits, and we’re seeing significant growth in international markets like Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia.

Cocktail culture is hugely popular among the high-net-worth demographic, and premium spirits are highly sought-after by mixologists and spirits enthusiasts alike.

In the service industry, mixologists and sommeliers are always looking for new ways to entice and delight their customers. From one-of-a-kind experiences to micro-produced products, consumers have proven they will go well out of their way to try something new, and bartenders are keen to deliver.

Once you’ve piqued interest, palates will follow. You’ve soon gained an evangelist who will promote your products on the front lines and spread the word to others.

Coupled with packaging and a marketing plan that reinforces your brand image and all it stands for, it would be difficult to imagine anything but success.

Why Invest In A Tequila Business Right Now?

If you are considering investing in a tequila business in 2021, you could not have chosen a better time. Markets are high, and demand is growing for premium and ultra-premium tequilas, and it’s easier than ever to work with a quality-minded producer who will help you succeed. 

Looking Beyond Tequila: Mexican Spirits You Might Not Know About

Creating an exotic spirit brand is an excellent way to bring something new to market. If you are one of the first to introduce it in certain countries, you’ll capture the imagination of a generation, giving your brand staying power and demonstrating your innovation.

Besides tequila and mezcal, here are a few other Mexican spirits you might not have considered:

Rum and Gin

Mexican rum and gin? Yes, please! For the curious palate, there are lots of options to explore here. The tradition of Mexican rum dates back to the 1600s, and there are many different types. Oak-aged, unoaked, different types of sugar, molasses-based – and the list goes on. As for gin, you’ve got agave spirit (often mezcal) infused with botanicals (including juniper) that are indigenous to the production area.



Sotol is very similar to agave in many ways. Its production is limited to three states in Mexico, and it produces an earthier spirit that is more like mezcal than tequila. The plant produces continuously and regenerates faster than agave, so some consider it a more sustainable crop. Even though it’s not a barn-burner (yet), it’s always a conversation-starter because of its unique flavor profile and its outlaw history.


Raicilla is essentially mezcal, but it’s produced in Jalisco, which is outside the demarcated mezcal areas. It can’t use that name—much like no brandy is called Cognac unless it’s made in that region of France. It undergoes a long fermentation, so it develops complexities not often seen in mezcal or tequila.



Bacanora is a regional spirit made around the town of Bacanora in the state of Sonora and distilled exclusively from agave Pacifica. It’s got a smokier flavor profile, the result of its long fermentation and the piñas being cooked in below-ground ovens.


Final Thoughts

In closing, Mexican spirits go well beyond tequila and mezcal, and many are yet to be discovered by the world. Will you be the first to bring this rich history to your market? If you are considering launching a private label tequila, we hope we’ve given you some food for thought.

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