How to Drink Tequila, the Real Way to Enjoy Its Quality

Tequila is an often misunderstood drink, one that does not receive as much attention as other forms of whiskey. Yet, when you drink it the real way, you can appreciate the flavor it offers and the experience it provides. The goal of any drink is to appreciate all of the real flavors of the agave and the overall richness of the barrels it’s produced in. It’s not that difficult to enjoy it either. Before you drink tequila, you need to know a bit more about the process.

Checklist to Create Your Tequila Brand

Neat, Sipping or On the Rocks

Consider the traditional and authentic way to enjoy tequila, no matter who makes tequila, the goal is very simple. Drink it neat and with small, regular sips. Treat it just as you would cognacs or bourbons, with small sips to appreciate the real flavor profile. Purists believe that the best quality tequila is white (called blanco tequila). They also believe it is best to drink it at room temperature. Drinking it like this is best because it allows you to enjoy the flavor and the earthy notes of the agave plant and savor the experience. True premium tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, deserves this type of treatment.

Sipping tequila gives your tongue the ability to really uncover the flavor profile of this drink. It allows you to experience the actual taste. When you slow down your drinking like this, you will notice the flavor profile of tequila is actually the honey. It tastes like cooked agave, with a bit of zingy citrus or pepper taste to it.

Continuing with the most traditional form, añejo tequilas are aged for at least a full year. This particular type is ideal sipping tequila. Some tequila suppliers sell products that are rushed to maturity. Some are designed to be front-loaded with tequila flavor but do not have the complexity and true body of this drink. The flavor, then, is less rounded out, and it’s harder to drink.

It is also common to enjoy a small glass of tomato juice, Worcestershire, citrus juice, or even hot sauce while sipping tequila. Authentic Mexican tequila has a robust flavor profile, and these drinks served next to it help to cleanse the palate enough to allow for the peppery and citrusy taste of the tequila to come through.

Traditional Mexican Cocktails: Margaritas, Palomas, and Cantaritos

Mexican cocktails come in all forms, with numerous options for individuals to sit down and drink. Margaritas are not as traditional as many would think, though they are served in areas like Jalisco itself. There are some more common and traditional types of drinks that use tequila more traditionally. It’s important to recognize that this drink is not a new one but a drink that has been around for centuries. To truly enjoy it then, in the form of a cocktail, you’ll want to try some of the more authentic ways to do so.

Margaritas (of just about every flavor) are the most common method for doing so today in the U.S. This drink was first invented in 1936 when it was accidentally made during prohibition.

The Paloma cocktail is another popular option. It has a smoother finishing tequila in it and is truly a classic. It is typically served on the rocks or in a highball glass. While the margarita is typically sweet and sour, the Paloma cocktail offers a sharper, citrusy taste, often with grapefruit. It’s significantly different but still one of the most common ways to incorporate tequila.

Cantaritos is another way to enjoy this spirit in a traditional and authentic manner. Cantaritos are a type of tequila cocktail that is traditionally served in a clay cup. It is somewhat like a Paloma in that it has a grapefruit and sharp taste to it. It often has citrus in it as well as grapefruit flavored soda.

If you have not tried these tequila cocktails yet, start here. Enjoy them over rocks or simply relax on a hot day with a frozen version.

New Exotic Cocktails (Mixologists)

There are many other ways to use tequila in cocktails, and mixologists continue to seek out more creative and interesting ways to do so. Because of the unique flavor profile of this spirit, it is easy to pair it with so many other flavors to create something that is really special. You could mix it with fig along with some herbs, such as thyme, to create a unique flavor. The bite of the fig pairs well with the tequila here.

Mixologists are also using tequila with numerous other favorites. That includes passion fruit or mixing it with other liquors such as port, mezcal, and Campari. There are quite a few unique ways to enjoy this drink.

What Is the Right Way, Then?

There is no true right away, as long as you give yourself the opportunity to taste and enjoy all that tequila can offer to you. Tequila from lowlands’ agave plants, produce earthier, and more botanical flavors. Highland plants often have a sweeter and lighter taste to them. Note also that older plants offer sweeter notes.

Knowing this, you now have an idea of what to seek out when looking for tequila to create your own cocktails or sit down with on a long, hot day and sip slowly. You could pour it over the rocks or simply just enjoy it neat. The experience is profoundly different when you drink it like this instead of mixed in a cocktail.

By most accounts, it is best to try it in any way that suits your palate for that day and to give yourself plenty of opportunities to enjoy it in a variety of ways. That’s the true beauty of tequila. It’s versatile enough for anyone’s needs.

Thinking Of Making Your Own?

You can learn how to make your own tequila. If you want to learn how to start a tequila brand, incorporate tequila design, and even tequila label design, reach out to us today.

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