Is All Tequila Imported from Mexico?

All authentic tequilas are imported from Mexico, where the drink has established itself as a significant part of Mexican culture. The commercialization of Tequila is regulated by Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT). Authentic Tequila is made from a particular agave plant that flourishes in some regions of Jalisco state. There are more than 200 types of agave plants in Mexico, and only one of these is used to produce Tequila.

The states known to produce tequila in Mexico include

· Jalisco

· Tamaulipas

· Guanajuato

· Nayarit

· Michoacán

The Maestros Tequileros say, great Tequila is sipped and not gushed at once. Customarily, the enjoyment is hidden in having 100% agave tequila in a sized glass. Drink it in small sips and enjoy the feeling.

Tequila’s quality and taste are determined differently. If you are purchasing Tequila that is not produced in Mexico, that is NOT TEQUILA. Some of the factors that affect the quality and taste include:

· Climate

· Method of harvesting

· Rainfall

· Location

· Fermentation style

· Overall production

The Demand for Aged Tequila

Understanding Tequila

Tequila is a fermented and distilled spirit sourced from a single species of agave plant: the blue Agave tequila Weber “Agave Azul.” The plant traces its origin to the western Mexican state of Jalisco. Tequila is only extracted from one agave plant that grows in specific regions of Mexico.

For centuries, people have enjoyed the tequila spirit. It dates back to the 16th century when the Spanish conquistador’s zeal to get a better drink after running out of their brandy supplies. They tried their skill of distillation with the Aztec’s idea of making pulque. The result was a delicious spirit that we love to sip today.

The Making of Tequila

Tequila is made from the blue agave plant, and Jimadores harvest them by hacking the outermost leaves to get the heart of the plant. The hearts are cooked in brick-made ovens or steel autoclaves in tequila distilleries, and they ferment to form glucose and complex carbohydrates. These hearts are crushed to produce juice.

It takes 7-12 days to ferment the extract. Usually, this is done in large wooden or steel tanks. The fermented product is taken 2-3 times through a distiller, depending on the Tequila. Once distilled, the liquid is ready for aging. Tequila Blanco (unaged Tequila) is finished immediately after the second distillation phase, and it’s ready for bottling.

The Mexican Tequila vs. Agave Spirits

There’s a reason why it’s called Tequila. Real Tequila comes ONLY from Mexico. Any other spirit made with Blue Weber Agave outside the Mexican designated areas or from any other agave and not agave blue is not the Tequila.

Tequila that comes from Mexico, produced only with sugars from blue agave tequilana weber is 100% agave Tequila. Mixed Tequila comes from the extraction of other types of sugars in addition to Mexican blue weber agave or has been bottled outside of Mexico.

There are now some companies growing their own agave outside of mexico, or out of the CRT regulations, therefore their products is not considered tequila. This is called Agave Spirits.

So if you need to enjoy good Tequila, ensure that you purchase one from the Mexican tequila industry. It is the only guarantee that the quality of your product comes from natural sugars that are good for your health.

Where to Purchase Genuine Mexican Tequila

When looking for real Tequila, you must be aware of what you are looking for, and know how to read the labels. If you want the best, look for tequila 100% blue agave and not anything labeled only as “tequila.” Always check for that “made in Mexico” label and the NOM behind it indicates where it was produced.

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