What does an Authentican Mexican Tequila Mean?

Having come a long way from its Mexican origins, tequila today is enjoyed all over the world. Yet, after reading this post, you might be left wondering if you’ve actually ever had the brew. Truth is: if you’ve been drinking “tequila” that does not have its origins in Mexico, then you haven’t been drinking the real deal.

Derived from the blue agave plant, tequila is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is produced solely in Mexico. The drink must be produced in Mexico for it to be considered authentic. Tequila also needs to be made entirely from the blue agave, without additives or other spirits.

Investments are seen going into smaller, private tequila brands. This takes place as larger brands expand to conquer global markets. The result is a profitable gap that can best be filled by craft makers and small tequila distilleries.

Outside of Mexico, beverage makers have been strongly inspired by the drink. Others even claim to be it. Yet, a deep dive shows that these competitors are nothing like the real thing.

So, what actually makes your favorite bottle of tequila authentic? Is it the taste, the place it was made, perhaps the ingredients? The answer is not exactly a one-liner.

Lucky, you’ve stumbled onto an entire blog post about what makes tequila genuine. You learn everything about where the ingredients have to be sourced, how it should taste, as well as the traditions and lifestyle associated with the beverage. For the answers to all your tequila-related questions, be sure to keep reading.

Where does tequila come from?

The most ideal place for growing the blue agave is in the region of Tequila, Mexico. It is the location the beverage was aptly named after. The volcanic red soils of the region allow more than 300 million plants to be harvested per year. The soil and climate in which the blue agave is grown also gives tequila a distinct intensity and taste.

Mexico has legal rights to the product. This right is recognized by at least 40 countries worldwide. Legally, it may only be made in the Mexican province of Jalisco, as well as a handful of other municipalities.

Besides its geographic distinction, tequila is made purely from the blue agave. Different brands may prepare the drink in varying textures, yet the fact remains that one ingredient goes into authentic tequila.

The lifestyle and traditions of tequila

Although tequila is enjoyed throughout the world, it is a beverage produced by and for Mexicans.

Competing brands sell their derivatives in an array of mixtures. Yet, authentic tequila needs no amendments, especially for the Mexican population for which it is primarily made. The drink is thus strongly associated with Mexican traditions and lifestyles.

A considerable number of tequilas have stayed as family-owned brands. Most well-known brands, however, are the product of large multinational organizations.

Interestingly, the tight laws surrounding tequila production mean that more than 900 registered tequila brands are made in just over 100 distilleries. Mexican laws further state that all tequilas made in Mexico must be bottled in the country before being exported. Because of this, most brands of authentic tequila actually originate from the same region.

Traditionally, Tequila is enjoyed neat. Due to its promotion as a party drink outside of Mexico, the rest of the world usually enjoys it as a shot with salt and lime. The drink’s origin country certainly enjoys it during celebrations as well. Although, Mexico’s pallet craves the pure texture and notes of the agave.

Tequila is traditionally consumed without any flavouring. It is sipped and the idea of consuming it with salt and lime is unusual for the real tequileros. In any case, a good authentic tequila is not smooth, and doesn’t need any additives to enhance its intensity or flavor.

Where do tequila lovers buy tequila?

Smaller, more private tequila brands are gaining the bulk of tequila lovers. This takes place as larger brands expand to conquer global markets. As they grow to cater for different markets and their tastes, they pull away from the traditional tastes enjoyed by the primary tequila market.

The result is a profitable gap that can best be filled by smaller craft makers and tequila distilleries. Lovers of tequila are seen migrating more and more to tequila brands of lesser-known reputations. While global competitors diversify their flavours, traditionalists produce drinks that are far more authentic in taste.

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