The Aceves Commitment to Sustainability

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In nearly every industry today, there exists a heavy emphasis on environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. The tequila industry is no exception. Tequila growers and the corporations responsible for product branding and distribution are all laser focused on doing as little harm to the environment as possible while they produce a spirit that’s continuously high in demand.

“It’s evident the tequila category’s future prosperity will be linked closely to sustainability – perhaps not all that surprising for a spirit made from an agricultural product that takes around seven years to cultivate,” states The Spirits Business. At Aceves Spirits, nothing rings more true. Without maintaining the health of the rich farmland of the Jalisco region, the agave harvest we rely on suffers.

Here are a few ways Aceves is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Partners and Suppliers

The tequila development process is complex for an integrated beverage developer like Aceves, including many moving parts. In order to produce the brands our consumers enjoy, we must partner with suppliers to smoothly execute all steps in the process.

Aceves is committed to selecting local suppliers, even when it means foregoing lower costs. This is because reducing our carbon footprint takes precedence over price. By choosing to work with local suppliers, we can greatly minimize our carbon footprint as well as support our local economy.


Within the tequila industry, there is plenty of opportunity for waste that negatively impacts the environment. So at Aceves, we watch our processes closely to see where we can reduce this waste. The Aceves Spirits commitment to sustainability includes farming with minimal intervention.

How to Create A Lifestyle Drink

When it comes to creating a premium spirit that sells, it might surprise you to find out that it’s far less about the flavors or ingredients than you may think. In order to build a profitable beverage brand, it’s crucial that the product is marketed as a lifestyle drink.

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One of the primary ways we promote sustainability in our materials is by reusing and recycling items that would otherwise be considered “waste.” For example, the vinaza – the leftovers from the distillation process – as well as the leftover fibers from milling are all used for producing compost. This compost is then sent back to the fields, to promote fertile soil for growing more agave. Some of the vinazas are also used to help break down the milling fibers.

When it comes to our manufacturing processes, Aceves uses materials such as metallized degradable inks rather than harsh chemicals for the chrome plating on parts. We know that it’s not just about taking care of our beautiful earth, but also taking care of our consumers, who are interested in products that don’t harm the environment or themselves.

Giving Back

Finally, we are community-minded at our core. Bringing three generations of the agave industry in Mexico, we want to ensure we take care of the people and the land that we love.

In addition to being good stewards of the environment, we work with the food bank of the local municipality to give back as we reap the benefits from the earth. We work with local Mexican businesses that share our mindset and commitment to sustainability, strengthening each other through reciprocity.

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